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U.S. Capital has worked with hundreds of Realtors over the past three decades.  As a result of this long-term experience, we know what is most important to our Realtor partners.  This includes good communication, great customer service and, most importantly, closing on time.

In addition to the important factors above, U.S. Capital has also developed some very valuable tools for Realtors which have been proven to increase sales of listings.  This includes:

  • Visible "No Closing Costs Here" signs which gives your listings the competitive edge and provides a legal incentive to compete with local builders(see photo below).
  • Full-color property-specific loan spec sheets to go with your sales materials that list three financing options for that property, including the "No-Closing-Cost" option.
  • Redirecting inquiries from prospective buyers back to the original listing Realtor.
  • Promptly issuing Pre-approval letters for your buyers, even on weekends.
  • Referrals of new buyers to Realtors who work in particular developments/locales.
  • The ability to close loans that many banks, credit unions and other mortgage companies cannot, or will not, because of one of the largest menus of loan resources in the United States.

Contact us at admin@uscapinc.com or at 719-590-6055 and a U.S. Capital Supervisor will help facilitate these valuable benefits so that we can begin our partnership together.

Give your listing the competitive edge with this valuable added benefit.


Priorities are important at U.S. Capital. 

God, family, health, then business...in that order.  Our company and its people believe in the free enterprise system.  We believe freedom and personal responsibility are tantamount to success and good health, not only as individuals, but as a company also.  U.S. Capital believes in the opportunities that only the United States of America can offer.  We feel it is important to pass these opportunities on to our customers in the form of the lowest rates & fees available, along with professional & courteous service, utlizing the latest industry resources and tools for the benefit of our customers.  U.S. Capital will only represent U.S.-based lending resources.  We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.

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