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U.S. Capital Real Estate Loans & Services, Inc. 

Home Owners & Business Owners

Interest rates remain near their historic lows.  This allows the average home-owner or business-owner the ability to lower their monthly mortgage payment, pay-off loans with higher interest rates, finance other purchases, complete property improvements and/or consolidate debt while taking advantage of borrowing rates that were traditionally only avalable to large institutions.

Whether you are a home-owner or business-owner, U.S. Capital offers the lowest combination of rates and fees available for your real-estate-based financing objectives.  This, combined with our streamlined application process and personalized customer service, ensures that your transaction at U.S. Capital will be a positive experience.

U.S. Capital has invested almost 30 years in developing one of the most diversified loan resource databases in the United States.  The company began in 1986 by offering niche lending options to local banks and credit unions which turned-away loan business because of property types, borrower circumstances, etc.  Even in today's more-restrictive lending environment, U.S. Capital prides itself on being able to close loans that most other lenders cannot or will not.

Of course, U.S. Capital's rates and fees are the lowest available for the home-owner or business-owner who has excellent qualifications as well.  

Contact us today for a free comparison to see if you can benefit from today's low interest rates. 

U.S. Capital offers low rates & fees for financing homes and businesses. Call today.


Priorities are important at U.S. Capital. 

God, family, health, then business...in that order.  Our company and its people believe in the free enterprise system.  We believe freedom and personal responsibility are tantamount to success and good health, not only as individuals, but as a company also.  U.S. Capital believes in the opportunities that only the United States of America can offer.  We feel it is important to pass these opportunities on to our customers in the form of the lowest rates & fees available, along with professional & courteous service, utlizing the latest industry resources and tools for the benefit of our customers.  U.S. Capital will only represent U.S.-based lending resources.  We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.

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